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   SNEI is the member of China International Engineering Consulting Company, the member company of China Engineering Consulting Association and China International Engineering Consulting Association.
       Engineering consulting business is an important part of all-around engineering services provided by SNEI. The scope of engineering consulting covers petrochemical, refining process, pharmaceutical chemical, thermal power, environmental engineering and construction, water supply and drainage, municipal engineering, etc. SNEI is qualified and ready to provide planning consulting service to customers, develop project proposal, pre-feasibility study report and feasibility study report, project application and fund application report for customers, and conduct engineering design, bidding agency, engineering project management. Over 50 years, SNEI has provided nearly 1,000 items of technical and economic consulting services in a fair, scientific and quality manner. SNEI enjoys unique advantages mainly in the fields such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and supporting projects, gasification and fertilizer project, modern coal and natural gas chemical, C1 chemical, environmental engineering, etc.

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